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The Department offers both Honours and General Degree Programs, following the Choice Based Credit System, under West Bengal State University.
Students are trained through conventional as well as innovative teaching methods. The teachers incorporate modern technological tools right into the regular classroom teaching. Students are trained to present seminar papers by independently using digital technology.
Exclusive Semester-wise Whatsapp Groups and Departmental Facebook Page helps in keeping the students informed about important information regarding special classes, accessing e-resources and study materials. The online platforms, consisting of all the teachers and students of the department offer rich interactions across the semesters.
The focus of the department is to help the students not just obtain good grades, but become capable of facing the future job-market, through emphasizing on their communication and social skills.
The Department regularly sets movie screening, showing films, of great merit and accolade, that are directly and indirectly connected to the curriculum.
Continuous Internal Evaluation is done, not just through conventional unit tests, but also through Seminar Presentations, Project Work and Group Projects.
The Students of the department publish the departmental wall magazine “Coffee House”, twice a year, as a prominent reflection of their creative impulses.
The Students and the Faculty share a rare bond of love and faith, that has ensured that the department stands out despite the existing shortcomings and circumstantial hurdles.

  • Dr Shamim Bhar

    Assistant Professor

  • Monami Mukherjee

    Assistant Professor

  • Amit Sarkar

    State Aided College Teacher SACT 1

  • Md Salamin Mondal

    State Aided College Teacher SACT 2

English Honours CBCS Syllabus

English General CBCS Syllabus

Syllabus for ENGL(2nd Sem) (Compulsory English for General Students of Arts and Commerce:

Glimpses: A Selection of Poetry and Prose

Ed. Chandrava Chakravarty & Sravasti Chattopadhyay

(Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan 2018)

The following texts will be taught in the second semester. The pattern of questions will be same as in the first semester.


The Quality of Mercy- William Shakespeare

The Reverie of Poor Susan- William Wordsworth

Because I could not stop for Death- Emily Dickinson

Sympathy- Paul Laurence Dunbar


The Model Millionaire- Oscar Wilde

The Accursed House- Émile Gaboriau

A Cup of Tea- Katherine Mansfield

Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture- Jerome K. Jerome

Learning Resources by Monami Mukherjee

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Semester wise Lecture Modules and Videos

Semester 1: 

Syllabus of Semester 1 English Honours

Story of Sakuntala

Abhijnana Sakuntalam Act 1 Full Class Lecture

Abhijnana Sakuntalam Act 2 Full Class Lecture

Abhijnana Sakuntalam Act 3 Full Class Lecture

Abhijnana Sakuntalam Act 4 Full Class Lecture

Abhijnana Sakuntalam Act 5 Full Class Lecture

Abhijnana Sakuntalam Act 6 Full Class Lecture

Abhijnana Sakuntalam Act 7 Full Class Lecture

Story of Mrichchakatika

Semester 2

Syllabus for English Honours Semester 2 WBSU


An Introduction by Kamala Das: Complete Class Lecture

Hunger by Jayanta Mahapatra: Complete Class Lecture


Background Study: Renaissance Drama (Before  Shakespeare)

Background Study: Renaissance Drama (Shakespeare and After)

Background Study: Renaissance Poetry

Complete Lecture Series on Macbeth

Semester 3

Syllabus for English Honours Semester 3 WBSU

Core Course 5:

The Ambitious Guest by Nathaniel Hawthorne: Complete Lecture

Core Course 7:

Background Study: Puritan Age/ Age of Milton

Background Study: Restoration Age

Complete Class Lecture modules for Paradise Lost Book 1

Semester 4

Syllabus for Semester 4 English Honours

CC9  (Romantic Age)

Kubla Khan by S.T.Coleridge: Complete Class Lecture

CC10 (Victorian Age)

Goblin Market Lecture 1

Goblin Market Lecture 2

Goblin Market Lecture 3

Dover Beach by Mathew Arnold

Semester 5

Syllabus of English Honours Semester 5

CC11: Women’s Writing

Daddy by Sylvia Plath: Full Class Lecture

Charlotte Perkins Gilman- The Yellow Wallpaper Full Lecture

Katherine Mansfield – Bliss Full Class Lecture

CC12: Modernism

Yeats: Sailing to Byzantium Full Class Lecture

Eliot: Preludes Full Class Lecture

Eliot: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Full Class Lecture


Old English Literature: Background

Philology Complete Lectures


Aristotle’s Theory of Drama

Semester 6

Syllabus for English Hons Sem 6

Study Materials and Prescribed Texts

Semester 1 Core Course 1

Prescribed Chapter from Natyasastra Text


For Reference Study Materials click here

For Additional Articles click here

Resources by Md Salamin Mondal

Significance of Title in Pride and Prejudice

Learning Resources By Amit Sarkar



Samuel Johnson’s Poems


Victorian Age


My Last Duchess

Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Study of Indian English Poetry

Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

The Last Ride Together 

My Last Duchess


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