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Hingalganj Mahavidyalaya has a spacious educational Campus in the Hingalganj Panchayat area. This educational Campus is equipped with hostel facilities for girl students. Accommodation is available at present for 45 students. Hostel building is new and adjacent to the college. The rooms are properly ventilated and provided with fans, LED lights and cots, cupboards. The hostel has a spacious dining hall where daily meals are served at reasonable rates. The hostel menu is prepared by the student committee which ensures there is something for everyone. The food is cooked in a separate open-kitchen, outside the hostel building to ensure fire-safety. Only freshly prepared food is served, with a proper balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, maintaining a proper balance of nutrition. Fish, eggs, chicken, soyabeans and seasonal vegetables are served regularly. The hostel is well secured and guarded for 24 hours.

There are ten rooms in the girls’ hostel which include one wardens’ residence room. All the rooms are self contained. At present there are 42 students. All students are take their meals in the spacious common dining area. There is a 24 hour running water facility in the hostel.

There is an annex library for the students in the hostel. It has sanitary napkin vending machine and sanitary napkin incinerator for feminine hygiene. There is a herbal garden and a kitchen garden in the hostel which generate awareness in students about gardening and improve skills for growing fresh and nutritious vegetables. In addition to this, the garden area within the Hostel premises have a number of Mango, Sapodilla (Chiku) and other delicious fruits. The garden area is a shady paradise where students can spend time amidst bountiful nature.



  1. Dr. Shamim Bhar (Chairperson)

  2. Dr. M. Khatun (Convenor)

  3. Madhabi Kar (Warden)

  4. Monami Mukherjee (Member)

  5. Ishita Dey (Member)

  6. Paramita Sarkar (Member)

  7. Prasanta Chakraborty (Member)

  8. Madhabi Manna (Student Representative)

  9. Parbati Mondol (Student Representative)


  1. A student admitted to Hingalganj Mahavidyalaya only shall be eligible to apply for admission to hostel.
  2. Students will have to buy prospectus and apply for admission in the prescribed form through the respective Principal/T.I.C of the college.
  3. Admission will be granted by management and the list of students is prepared on the basis of their merit and distance.
  4. Admission to the hostel will be confirmed only after the students pay hostel fees and deposit and submit receipts in the hostel office.
  5. Admission to the hostel will be valid only for one academic year.
  6. Student desirous of continuing admission in the hostel for the next academic year will have to follow the same procedure as prescribed for first year admission in the hostel. The admission to such student will be given only by seeing her behavior in the previous year of stay in the hostel. Undisciplined students will not be given admission in the hostel for next academic year.

The student who has been given admission to hostel will have to pay hostel fees and deposits as under:





Admission (Y)



Session Fee (Y)



Development Fee (Y)



Electricity Fee (M)



Caution Deposit (One time)



Seat rent (M)



Establishment Charge (Y)



Maintenance Fee (Y)





  1. The student desirous of cancelling Hostel admission will have to apply in her own handwriting to the concerned Principal/TIC of the college.
  2. The fees once paid are not refundable.
  3. The deposits will be refunded only after the student has obtained the clearance certificate from the college as well as from the hostel.
  1. Students shall not enter into Warden’s room without the permission of the Warden.
  2. It is compulsory for all hostel students to enter the hostel by 6:00 pm.
  3. The permanent address, signature, phone no, and photograph of the local guardian must be submitted to the hostel warden.
  4. A Students’ presence is compulsory at the final roll call by the hostel warden.
  5. If any student is absent during roll call, she has to pay a fine of Rs.10/-. If this thing occurs any three consecutive days then her guardian will be called and if required she can be expelled from the hostel.
  6. Hostel fees must be given by the 5th of every month.
  7. Prior permission of the Principal/TIC of the college, through Warden is necessary for arranging any function, get together or to start any activity in the hostel premises. The decision of the Principal/TIC fin these cases will be final.
  8. Students will have to remain present for flag hoisting on 15th August, 23rd January and 26th January.
  9. The hostel will be managed by the students and hostel sub-committee.
  10. If any visitors come to visit any student, then they must come between 3:00 pm to 5.00 pm and take the permission of hostel Warden.
  11. Hostel students will be granted leave only on college holidays. No leave will be granted on working days. In case of urgency students have to take permission from the hostel office.
  12. Due to unavoidable circumstances if student is not able to return to hostel after leave she should inform the hostel office over telephone about over staying. A strict disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.
  13. Meal Time:

The students may avail of the canteen facility in main campus during college hours for additional snacks and tiffin.

  1. Students are not allowed to carry outside meal to the hostel rooms.
  2. If any student is sick then she will be admitted to the Hingalganj Rural Hospital and her guardian and local guardian will be informed.
  3. Candidates who are drop-outs are not to be allowed to stay in hostel.
  4. It is the responsibility of the student to keep the hostel clean.
  1. No student shall engage in or support any activity that may be classified as Ragging. Serious penal consequences, including expulsion from the hostel as well as from college may follow if there are any complaints raised against a student in this regard.
  2. Student will have to keep her room clean, neat and tidy and should always be careful in its maintenance. She should not litter up her room or the premises.
  3. Water and electricity should be used economically. Uses of electricity appliances such as heater rod, electric iron are strictly prohibited. Heavy fine will be charged if the students are found using such appliances and they will be liable for dismissal from the hostel.
  4. Taking into consideration the acute shortage of electricity students should take particular care to switch off the lights and fans, when they are not inside the rooms. If they fail to switch off the lights and fans, they will be fined.
  5. Student shall not enter into others room without their consent and should not disturb others.
  6. The student should behave in such a fashion that the atmosphere is the hostel remains calm and conducive to studies and leading to cultural and moral development of the inmates.
  7. The students are advised not keep valuable articles or cash in their rooms. If they do so it will be entirely at their own risk.
  8. Smoking and alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited in the hostel and college premises.
  9. Students shall not bring or use crackers, any explosive articles in the hostel premises that may cause noise pollution, disturbance or danger to life/property or both.
  10. Students should take utmost care to see that no damage is caused to the hostel building, furniture, electrical and sanitary fittings in the hostel premises. The loss caused will be recovered from the students.
  11. Students should not play radio, transistor, record player or any other musical instruments in the hostel premises.
  12. Students should return the books borrowed from the annex library as per schedule drawn up by the Warden. 

Following activities are strictly prohibited in the hostel.

  1. Ragging or torturing any student mentally or physically.
  2. .Loudly speaking/talking
  3. Misbehavior with the hostel staff.
  4. Quarreling with each other.
  5. Cooking in the rooms.
  6. Late coming in the hostel (without permission)
  7. Damage to hostel property.
  8. Disturbance to other students.
  9. Poster or painting on the walls of the hostel rooms and doors.

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