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Code of Ethics: Research

Hingalganj Mahavidyalaya has a stated code of ethics to check plagiarism and violation of intellectual property rights pertaining to research. The faculty members are encouraged to comply with the codes so as to ensure ethically potent productive research in their fields of study. Many of the faculty members are actively engaged in Doctoral Research where they abide by the regulations of their parent universities. The students are encouraged to submit only original reports and write-ups for their projects and fieldworks. They are also instructed to follow the appropriate citation rules in their submissions. The Magazine committee ensures that every submission is strictly reviewed for any ethical violations or plagiarism. The researchers need to respect patents, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property.Furthermore, one should never use others' unpublished data, methods, or results without the permission of the concerned person.

Institutional Objectives:

  1. Creation of a conducive environment for original ideas in research

  2. Promotion of innovative ideas and research.

  3. Shaping the future researchers with the proper mindset and awareness of Intellectal Property Rights.

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