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OASIS: Outreach and Social Involvement Schemes

Hingalganj Mahavidyalaya envisions a world where human excellence is not thwarted by calamities and crises. Despite its humble resources, Hingalganj Mahavidyalaya has always strived to stretch its hands towards the disaster-struck neighbourhood. Hingalganj Block, due to its geographical location, bears the worst brunt of Cyclones and other natural calamities. The Pandemic had also hit the region hard. Hingalganj Mahavidyalaya has repeatedly tried to stand by the community, taking little steps which matter significantly in context of rural Sunderbans. Although the college has, since its inception, tried to reach out to the larger community and extend support, it was in the session 2018-19 that a formal Committee was set up named OASIS (Outreach and Social Involvement Schemes) to oversee extension activities initiated by college individually or in association with external agencies or bodies.


      Motto: Be the Change

Vision: To be a center of support and sustenance, of awareness and knowledge, in the desert of social despair and deprivation Objectives:

  1. To reach out to people of surrounding villages in times of climatic and other disasters
  2. To bring about change through spreading awareness and fighting the evils of superstition and ignorance
  3. To empower socially marginalized and economically challenged sections through propagation of inclusivity.

OASIS Committee 2021-22 :

  1. Chairperson: Dr Shaikh Kamal Uddin
  2. Md Golam Martuja (Convenor)
  3. Dr Shamim Bhar
  4. Monami Mukherjee
  5. Tanmoy Pramanik
  6. Dr Rajib Ghosh
  7. Prasanta Chakraborty
  8. Sanjay Pal
  9. Students' Representative (Ex-Officio: Secretary of Students' Council)

Some of the activities of OASIS during past sessions:

Year 2020: The Double attack of Deadly Covid19 and Cyclone Amphaan:

The year 2020 has been one of the deadliest years in the whole decade for people of Hingalganj. In May 2020, an initiative was taken to provide poor people from neighbourhood with basic food items, health-drinks and hygeine-related products including masks, medicated soaps and sanitisers. Around two hundred people of the immediate locality were benefitted. They were made aware of safety protocols and were counselled on importance of maintaining social distancing and using protective face covering. While the block was already struggling with Covid restrictions and rising fatality, nature struck a deadly blow in form of cyclone Amphaan. Thousands were homeless, waterlogged and in despair. Hingalganj Mahavidyalaya promptly collected funds through crowdsourcing and ensured that some of the cyclone hit villages are provided with food supplies, miscellaneous necessities, drinking water and sanitary napkins for girls.

Year 2021: Second Wave of Covid and Cyclone Yaas

2021 brought a renewed attack of calamity, in the deadly cyclone of Yaas which practically cut off major portions of Hingalganj block from basic amenities. Hingalganj Mahavidyalaya took initiative to offer relief in the form of dry storable food items, hygiene products , drinking water and basic over-the-counter medicines to remote villages by channelizing donations collected from staff members and students. The college has also offered its campus for serving as base-stations for Relief activities undertaken by State and Central Government and NGOs.

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