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Seminar & Workshop

The college organises both Institutional and departmental seminars/workshops for the benefit of students and faculty members. Departmental Seminars train the students to empower them in both critical thinking as well as public speaking. Many departments use seminar paper-presentation as a mode of continuous evaluation.

The Institutional seminars are conducted mostly on social issues such as Women Empowerment, Health and Hygiene, Bank Literacy, Environmental Awareness etc to make the students more responsible and conscious citizens.

For Comprehensive Report on National Webinar on Women Culture and Society held in March 2021 click here

Workshops are regularly conducted by IQAC to update teachers with newest challenges and oppurtunities in teaching modern curriculum and to inspire critical thinking as well as application of modern technology. In 2018-19 session, a total of four college-level workshops were conducted by IQAC on "CBCS Implementation", "Intellectual Property Right", "CAS regulations" and "Use of ICT as teaching resource".

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