The Students are hereby requested to follow the college website for news about online classes and teaching resources, You will find notes, study-materials and texts under the heading “Teaching Resources” on the department pages (Academics->Departments->Science/Arts/Commerce-> Resources)

For any questions related to studies and classes contact your Head of the Department (10 AM to 1.00 PM and 6 PM to 8 PM)

Bengali: Dr M. Khatun  9748112464

Education: Dr P. Sarkar  9674386156

English: M. Mukherjee  7595020200

Geography: N. Singha  9153161084

Political Science:  S.. K.Pal  9932050339

History: S. Dey  7063745486

Sanskrit: I. Dey  8420900164

Economics: P. Samanta  7890840314

Sociology: S. Dey  8910834041

Philosophy: Md G Martuja  9153775198

Physical Education: K. Gayen  7029026422

You are also advised to form WhatsApp group with your teachers if you have not already formed so.

Also subscribe to the Official Youtube Channel for timely updates and class lectures.